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Mystic Strand of Prosperity Crystals



  • Physical: Body detox, break addictions, stomach issues, digestion, diabetes, headaches & migraines, kidney health, thyroid health.
  • Emotional: Courage, confidence, creativity, honesty, self-esteem, hope, happiness & joy.
  • Spiritual: Abundance, wealth, prosperity, manifestation, enhance psychic abilities, dispel phobias, reduce negativity.

    Green Aventurine 

    • Physical: Heart, health & healing, vision & eye health, nervous system, high blood pressure, ease eruptions of acne, eczema, & rosacea.
    • Emotional: Calming, anti-anxiety, purification, healing from emotional trauma, reduces stress & tension.
    • Spiritual: Abundance, luck, courage, detachment from outcomes, healing, harmony, tranquility.

      Garnet (Red)

      • Physical: Anemia, arthritis support, blood circulation, blood cleansing & detox, intestinal issues & stomach problems, heart, eyes, lungs.
      • Emotional: Honesty, compassion, love, self-worth, loyalty, willpower, confidence, awareness, crisis management, anxiety, self-esteem.
      • Spiritual: Manifestation, transformation, prosperity, charisma.

        Golden Tiger Eye

        • Physical: Balancing problems, bone health, eye health, fatigue, hemophilia, mental diseases, throat healing.
        • Emotional: Abundance, creativity, coping with change, depression support, prosperity, self-confidence & self-worth.
        • Spiritual: Protection, balance, enhances psychic ability, grounding.


          • Physical: Dental problems, balance issues, health & healing, gout, liver, muscles, nervous system, thyroid, osteoporosis, reflexology, alcoholism, mental clarity.
          • Emotional: Clarity, anger release, non-verbal communication & expression, truth, compassion, coping with grief, soothing, balance, fear, love, joy, self-confidence & self-worth.
          • Spiritual: Balance, clarity, manifestation, enhances intuition, objectivity, universal love.


            • Physical: Back pain & problems, bone health & disorders, cancer, health & healing, epilepsy, muscular/skeletal, sleep support, infection, psoriasis, infection, tumors & growths, ulcers.
            • Emotional: Positive energy, harmony, honesty, reduce stress & tension, self-confidence & self-worth, chaos control.
            • Spiritual: Protection, aura cleansing, angel connection & communication, Christ consciousness, white light,  connection with higher-self & higher-realms, enhances dreams, healing, enhances psychic abilities, increases intuition, meditation support, raise vibrations, release & dispel negativity, release unwanted entities.