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Why Are Humans Drawn to Crystals?

Ancient drawings and artifacts have shown that humans have been using crystals for at least 5,000 years:

  • Shamans and healers use crystals for spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing.
  • Kings, queens, and other royalty wear them as adornments and use them for protection.
  • Scientists find them useful as transmitters for information in the form of microchips.
  • Watchmakers use quartz crystal to keep time. Because of its precise frequency standard, quartz is able to help regulate the movement of timepieces.

There is a scientific reason why, since the dawn of humanity, we humans have found ourselves drawn to the beauty and energy of crystals. All of the energy in the universe vibrates at on frequency or another. Since the vibration is subtle, most of us don't even feel it. Because crystals are made of the Earth itself, they carry a unique kind of earthly energy. Their vibrations are happening at an extremely high frequency.

In physics there is something called the law of entrainment, or the universal law of resonance. This is the synchronization of frequencies between at least two energy sources. As humans, we operate at a lower and slower vibrational frequency than crystals do. So according to the law of entrainment, when two objects that have different vibrational rates become close to one another, the object that vibrates lower (us) gets drawn into the higher vibrational rate of the other (crystals). So our attraction to crystals is not just some New Age juju talk; it's physics.

With all this in mind, when you feel drawn to a crystal, it's most likely because you need it in your life. That, my friend, is the power of vibrational frequency balance at work. Energy is powerful. Sometimes it shows itself in dramatic fashion; but mostly, we subtly attract the energy that our subconscious needs. 

Bottom line, when you are on a spiritual journey and doing self-work, you must stay open to all possibilities. Go with the flow and follow the energy.


- Devi Brown from the book "Crystal Bliss", 2019 Simon & Schuster