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Abalone Shell Heart & Chrysoprase Rosary Chain Necklace

Abalone Shell Heart & Chrysoprase Rosary Chain Necklace

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This Abalone Shell Heart pendant is adorned with a triquetra/heart charm and a 6mm Chrysoprase bead.

The rosary chain is sterling silver with approximately 4mm Chrysoprase faceted rondelles. Necklace is 30" w/ toggle clasp.

Abalone Shell pendant

  • Physical: Heart strength, physical strength, detoxifying, immune system support, stamina.
  • Emotional: Calming, contentment, communication & expression, harmony, love, peace, compassion, cooperation, tranquility, clarity.
  • Spiritual: Enhances intuition, protection, healing, psychic development, cleansing & purifying.

 Chrysoprase 6mm bead & 4mm faceted rondelle rosary chain

  • Physical: Digestion & digestive system health, heart health, menstrual cramps & menstruation, detoxifying, rejuvenation.
  • Emotional: Compassion, balance, anxiety support, self-confidence & self-worth, love, hope, honesty, happiness, relaxation.
  • Spiritual: Grace, positive energy, inner-child connection, insight, meditation, new beginnings, transformation, wisdom, nature connection, animal communication.