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Angel O' Mine: Angelite & Selenite w/ Angel Bracelet

Angel O' Mine: Angelite & Selenite w/ Angel Bracelet

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**For Bracelets ONLY: Be sure to accurately determine your wrist measurement (add at least 1/2" to actual wrist size for any bracelets) and choose that bracelet size before adding it to your cart. Please see "How To Properly Measure Your Wrist" in the Pages menu below.

If you could speak directly with an angel, what would you ask?

Angelite 8mm beads

  • Physical: Sleep support, osteoporosis, water retention, throat inflammation support, thyroid support, blood deficiencies, weight control, lungs, headaches, circulatory system, infectious disease support.
  • Emotional: Acceptance, compassion, helps ease pain, fear & insecurity, peacefulness, tranquility, communicate truth.
  • Spiritual: Angel connection & communication, astral projection & traveling, astrology, connection & communication with spirit guides, connection & communication with totem animals, protection, telepathy, psychic channeling, inspiration, encourages forgiveness.

Selenite 8mm beads

  • Physical: Back pain & problems, bone health & disorders, cancer, health & healing, epilepsy, muscular/skeletal, sleep support, infection, psoriasis, infection, tumors & growths, ulcers.
  • Emotional: Positive energy, harmony, honesty, reduce stress & tension, self-confidence & self-worth, chaos control.
  • Spiritual: Protection, aura cleansing, angel connection & communication, Christ consciousness, white light,  connection with higher-self & higher-realms, enhances dreams, healing, enhances psychic abilities, increases intuition, meditation support, raise vibrations, release & dispel negativity, release unwanted entities.

Please note: Selenite is a soft mineral and should be kept DRY.