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Clear the Way: Watermelon Tourmaline, Multi Tourmaline & Onyx Bracelet

Clear the Way: Watermelon Tourmaline, Multi Tourmaline & Onyx Bracelet

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**For Bracelets ONLY: Be sure to accurately determine your wrist measurement (add at least 1/2" to actual wrist size for any bracelets) and choose that bracelet size before adding it to your cart. Please see "How To Properly Measure Your Wrist" in the Pages menu below.

More than one form of Tourmaline means more healing properties. These higher vibrations partnered with the grounding of onyx will ensure nothing is going to get in your way!

Watermelon Tourmaline 8mm star-cut beads

  • Physical: Hormonal balance, immune system support, heart disorders, metabolism boost, pain relief, tension relief, energy boost, hand-eye coordination, dyslexia support, muscle & nerve regeneration, arthritis support.
  • Emotional: Anxiety support, joy, love, harmony, balance, peace & peacefulness, combats insecurity,  stress relief, compassion, sympathy, empathy, dispels negative emotions, depression support, combats hysteria/paranoia, dispels fear, confidence boost.
  • Spiritual: Connection with higher source, clears heart chakra blockages, amplifies strengths, balance male/female energy, creativity, protection, earth & nature connection, meditation, enhances psychic abilities, prosperity & abundance.

Multi Tourmaline 4mm beads

  • Physical: Immune system support, low blood-pressure support, anemia, combats indigestion, gout, cancer, hearing issues, muscular/skeletal issues, abrasion & wound healing, lymphatic system support, aids sense of smell/taste, tonsillitis, left/right side brain balance, aids hand-eye coordination.
  • Emotional: Peace & peacefulness, coping with grief, dealing with emotional abuse, happiness, harmony, kindness, stabilizing.
  • Spiritual: Aura cleansing, diminishes fear, promotes self-confidence & self-understanding, combats paranoia, inspiration, releases tension, removes blockages, enhances energy, balances masculine/feminine energies.

Black Onyx 8mm faceted beads

  • Physical: Allergies, alcoholism, addictions, birthing health & issues, strengthens legs, combat obesity, ovarian disorders or cysts, strength & stamina, endurance, headache support, eye disorders, teeth, bone & bone marrow health, blood disorders, mental focus.
  • Emotional: Anxiety relief, calming, soothing, dispel or release negativity, promotes feeling loved & protected, safety, stability & self-control, combat fear, heals grief.
  • Spiritual: Grounding, reduce negativity, healthy decision making, helps deal with past trauma, alignment with Divine/higher power, angel connection & messages, telekinesis.