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Cool, Calm & Protected: Aquamarine, Amethyst & Clear Quartz Bracelet

Cool, Calm & Protected: Aquamarine, Amethyst & Clear Quartz Bracelet

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**For Bracelets ONLY: Be sure to accurately determine your wrist measurement (add at least 1/2" to actual wrist size for any bracelets) and choose that bracelet size before adding it to your cart. Please see "How To Properly Measure Your Wrist" in the Pages menu below.

A combination of crystals that will have you going with the flow while feeling comforted by the protective vibrations.

Aquamarine 8mm beads

  • Physical: Healing, autoimmune disorder support, allergies, sinuses, eye disorders & infections, dental issues, jaw pain relief, nausea, thyroid health, liver & bladder disorders, cough, acne, skin disorders, acne, psoriasis, eczema, edema, water retention, leg & foot problems, lymphatic system support.
  • Emotional: Anxiety relief, combat nervousness, calming, coping with change, centering, peacefulness, anger diffusion & release, harmony, serenity, dispel phobias.
  • Spiritual: Protection, inspiration, meditation, truth, awareness, angelic connection & communication, connection with higher-self, connection with inner-child.

Amethyst 10mm energy prisms

  • Physical: Addictions, metabolism, blood disorders, brain health, cancer, endocrine support, headache & migraine relief, healing, immune system support, sleep support, nightmares, respiratory health, skin infections & irritations, tumors, weakness, wrinkles.
  • Emotional: Anger release, anxiety, coping with loss, balance, pain, fear, motivation, peace, stress reduction, serenity.
  • Spiritual: Connection with higher-self, connection with inner-child, dream interpretation, love, harmony, wisdom, meditation, enhances psychic abilities, intuition & mediumship.

Clear Quartz 10mm faceted bead

  • Physical: Clear thoughts, activate & amplify energy, heals all conditions, pain relief, dental problem & pain relief, HIV/AIDS, burns, sleep support, vertigo, vitality, memory, immune system support.
  • Emotional: Regain positive emotions, healing, acceptance, harmony, joy, reduce stress, balance, stability, perseverance.
  • Spiritual: Amplifying, wisdom, awakening, understanding, affirmation support, avoid evil energy, absorbs negative energy, Divine love/guidance, angel communication, spirit guide communication, telepathy.