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Creating Infinite Possibilities: Carnelian, Red Garnet & Citrine Bracelet

Creating Infinite Possibilities: Carnelian, Red Garnet & Citrine Bracelet

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Manifest courage, abundance & creativity with this bracelet. It's one of my personal favorites and the vibrations of confidence these three powerful crystals provide will make it one of yours!

Carnelian 10mm beads

  • Physical: allergies, sexuality, fertility, healthy blood supply, arthritis support, respiratory support, body detox, appetite management, weakness & fatigue, pain relief.
  • Emotional: creativity, motivation, confidence, acceptance, courage, overcome abuse, protection from resentment, embrace change, moving forward.
  • Spiritual: ambition, focus, balance, serenity, spiritual protection, new career.

Red Garnet 10mm beads

  • Physical: anemia, arthritis support, blood circulation, blood cleansing & detox, intestinal issues & stomach problems, heart, eyes, lungs.
  • Emotional: honesty, compassion, love, self-worth, loyalty, willpower, confidence, awareness, crisis management, anxiety, self-esteem.
  • Spiritual: manifestation, transformation, prosperity, charisma.

Citrine 11.5mm beads

  • Physical: body detox, break addictions, stomach issues, digestion, diabetes, headaches & migraines, kidney health, thyroid health.
  • Emotional: courage, confidence, creativity, honesty, self-esteem, hope, happiness & joy.
  • Spiritual: abundance, wealth, prosperity, manifestation, enhance psychic abilities, dispel phobias, reduce negativity.