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Holiday Candle Sampler Three Pack (3 oz. net wt. each): Pom-Frosted Juniper, Gingerbread House & Peppermint Joe

Holiday Candle Sampler Three Pack (3 oz. net wt. each): Pom-Frosted Juniper, Gingerbread House & Peppermint Joe

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Pom-Frosted Juniper (3 oz. net wt.):

An enchanting blend of fresh evergreens, pomegranate and assorted fruits. Airy ozone and a hint of citrus balance out the woody pine and juniper notes. The red currant and pomegranate bolster this already cheerful holiday fragrance.

            Contains: Frosted Juniper and Pomegranate Bitters essential/fragrance oils, Tree Agate & glitter.

            Gingerbread House Candle (3 oz. net wt.):

            Smells good enough to eat. This combination of ginger, graham, vanilla frosting and classic spices perfectly encapsulates the holiday spirit. You’ll swear someone just baked a fresh batch of gingerbread.

                  Contains: Gingerbread House & Ginger & Spice essential/fragrance oils, wax "gingerbread man cookie", wax "gumdrops", Nephrite Jade & glitter.

                  Peppermint Joe (3 oz. net wt.):

                  Smells good enough to drink. This delicious combination of fresh coffee and peppermint mocha will have you craving your favorite jet fuel.

                      Contains: Fresh Coffee & Peppermint Mocha essential/fragrance oils & Prehnite.


                      M. Joseph Crystal Candles are made from the best ingredients:

                      • Hand-poured in Middle Island, NY, USA
                      • We use vegan, sustainable and biodegradable Ecosoya CB-Advanced Soy Wax in every container candle.
                      • Candle wicks are crafted from American cherry wood.
                      • Fragrance/essential oils used are non-toxic and ethically sourced.
                      • Natural, dried herbs and flowers are used.
                      • Some candles contain glitter, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable.
                      • Both the wick clip and tin are recyclable. 
                      • Any crystals can be kept and repurposed.

                      *Visit our Candle Care page for additional information.