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Salt of the Earth: Moss Agate & Tree Agate Bracelet

Salt of the Earth: Moss Agate & Tree Agate Bracelet

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Made of the best stuff on Earth... no really. Moss Agate & Tree Agate connect you with the pure healing from Mother Earth and so much more!

Moss Agate 10mm star-cut beads

  • Physical: Health & healing, aids concentration, combats bacterial/viral infections, fights blood disorders & circulatory issues, aids digestion, combats cold & flu, combats skin infections & irritations, combats PTSD, strength.
  • Emotional: Calming, guilt support, compassion, soothing, supports relationships, combats mood swings, relaxation, passion, nurturing, joy, stress & anxiety relief, determination.
  • Spiritual: Healing, earth healing, animal communication, wealth, new beginnings, resolution, protection, purification, meditation, intuition, wisdom, truth, trust, sense of purpose, breaking addictions, grounding.

Tree Agate 8mm beads

  • Physical: Stamina, strength, mental clarity, nerve & blood capillary ailment support, neuralgia, immune system support, encourages lactation, nervous system support, heart health, cardiac/chest strength, back pain relief, combats fevers, headache relief, insomnia support, digestive system support.
  • Emotional: Peace & peacefulness, strength, combats arrogance & egoism, balance & stability, strengthens family connections, combats postpartum depression, eases emotional pain, relationship support, kindness, forgiveness, overcome negativity.
  • Spiritual: Personal power, strength, meditation, Earth energy, plentitude, financial & business luck, self-confidence.

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