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Protective Shell: Abalone Shell & Green Fluorite Bracelet

Protective Shell: Abalone Shell & Green Fluorite Bracelet

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Protection, grounding, manifestation, purification, the list goes on longer than a runway; that's where we imagine this beauty. Strike a pose!

Abalone Shell*

  • Physical: Heart strength, physical strength, detoxifying, immune system support, stamina.
  • Emotional: Calming, contentment, communication & expression, harmony, love, peace, compassion, cooperation, tranquility, clarity.
  • Spiritual: Enhances intuition, protection, healing, psychic development, cleansing & purifying.

Fluorite 10x12mm pebble beads

  • Physical: ADD/ADHD, bone health, dental issues, concentration, eating disorders, focus, healing, memory, mental enhancement, coordination, balance, dizziness, vertigo, dexterity, exercise & sport support.
  • Emotional: Neutralize negativity, balancing polarities, honesty, stability, self-confidence.
  • Spiritual: Intuition, healing, grounding, manifestation, shielding from psychic manipulation, decisiveness, clarity, protection, cleansing, sense of purpose, self-discipline, Divine connection.

*Natural Abalone Shells vary in look and shape. This is an M. Joseph stock photo and individual shell design/colors may vary.