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Purify - The Positive Energy Bracelet: Clear Quartz, Tourmaline & Lava Stone Bracelet

Purify - The Positive Energy Bracelet: Clear Quartz, Tourmaline & Lava Stone Bracelet

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This bracelet compliments the Affection Love Candle perfectly! 

Clear Quartz 8mm beads

  • Physical: Clear thoughts, activate & amplify energy, heals all conditions, pain relief, dental problem & pain relief, HIV/AIDS, burns, sleep support, vertigo, vitality, memory, immune system support.
  • Emotional: Regain positive emotions, healing, acceptance, harmony, joy, reduce stress, balance, stability, perseverance.
  • Spiritual: Amplifying, wisdom, awakening, understanding, affirmation support, avoid evil energy, absorbs negative energy, Divine love/guidance, angel communication, spirit guide communication, telepathy.

      Tourmaline 8mm beads

      • Physical: Immune system support, low blood-pressure support, anemia, combats indigestion, gout, cancer, hearing issues, muscular/skeletal issues, abrasion & wound healing, lymphatic system support, aids sense of smell/taste, tonsillitis, left/right side brain balance, aids hand-eye coordination.
      • Emotional: Peace & peacefulness, coping with grief, dealing with emotional abuse, happiness, harmony, kindness, stabilizing.
      • Spiritual: Aura cleansing, diminishes fear, promotes self-confidence & self-understanding, combats paranoia, inspiration, releases tension, removes blockages, enhances energy, balances masculine/feminine energies.

      Lava Stone 8mm beads

      • Physical: Strength, communication, enhances fertility, combats foot/feet issues, boosts energy, sexual organ health & wellness, protection from toxins, stimulates the mind.
      • Emotional: Calming, patience, stress relief, anxiety relief, emotional understanding, courage, balance, dispels anger.
      • Spiritual: Creativity, opportunities, protection, grounding, wisdom, expansion, enlightenment, motivation, cleansing negativity, dream work, new beginnings, relieves home-sickness, promotes intuition.