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Survivor: Tiger Eye & Green Opal Bracelet

Survivor: Tiger Eye & Green Opal Bracelet

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Whether you've been through it or are currently in it, this one is a must-have in any crystal healer's arsenal. 

Golden Tiger Eye 10mm beads & 8mm rondelles

  • Physical: Balancing problems, bone health, eye health, fatigue, hemophilia, mental diseases, throat healing.
  • Emotional: Abundance, creativity, coping with change, depression support, prosperity, self-confidence & self-worth.
  • Spiritual: Protection, balance, enhances psychic ability, grounding, balances polarities.

Green Opal 10mm beads

  • Physical: Anxiety & stress relief, calming, healing, nourishing & rejuvenating, combats birthing problems, fever relief, memory, menstruation, PMS, puberty support.
  • Emotional: Emotional understanding, love & relationships, aids in heartache, patience, joy & happiness, grief support, strength, peace, comforting, soothing, combats fear, relieves insecurity, reduces stubbornness.
  • Spiritual: Clarity, meditation, help after trauma, cleansing, expanded awareness, living in the present moment, spiritual awakening, assists after the dissolution of a relationship and/or after a disagreement.