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Unbreak Thy Heart: Pink Opal w/ Heart Bracelet

Unbreak Thy Heart: Pink Opal w/ Heart Bracelet

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Pink Opal works to mend matters of the heart. It is especially helpful after breakups, the loss of loved ones or even long-distance relationships.

Pink Opal 8mm beads

  • Physical: Tension relief, skin infections & irritation, circulatory support, low blood pressure, diabetes support, liver inflammation, digestive issues, anemia. 
  • Emotional: Centering, acceptance, compassion, calming, love, tranquility, grounding, stress relief, healing, combat fear, dispel worry, anxiety support, grief, combat sadness.
  • Spiritual: Spiritual awakening, connection to Divine love & guidance, help releasing toxic patterns, rejuvenate aura, peace, release past trauma, angelic connection.


  • Symbolizes love & affection.