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Wear-Wolf: Malachite & Lava Stone Bracelet

Wear-Wolf: Malachite & Lava Stone Bracelet

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**For Bracelets ONLY: Be sure to accurately determine your wrist measurement (add at least 1/2" to actual wrist size for any bracelets) and choose that bracelet size before adding it to your cart. Please see "How To Properly Measure Your Wrist" in the Pages menu below.

A green-eyed wolf plays very well with the deep colors of Malachite. Lava Stone completes the look and give this stretch bracelet a very masculine feel. The best part... you don't have to wait until a full moon to grab one for yourself.

Malachite 8mm beads

  • Physical: Cancer, arthritis, asthma, back issues, bone disorders & health, osteoporosis, bacterial infections, congestion, dental pain & problems, pain relief, healing, headaches & migraines, immune system support, muscle pain or issues, birthing problems, skin infections & irritations, dizziness, vertigo.
  • Emotional: comforting, emotional balance, removes emotional blockages, provides hope, combats shyness, self-confidence & self-worth,
  • Spiritual: Abundance, prosperity, absorbs negative energy, spiritual protection & protection against accidents, guards against energetic & physical pollution, relieves travel fears.

Lava Stone 8mm beads

  • Physical: Strength, communication, enhances fertility, combats foot/feet issues, boosts energy, sexual organ health & wellness, protection from toxins, stimulates the mind.
  • Emotional: Calming, patience, stress relief, anxiety relief, emotional understanding, courage, balance, dispels anger.
  • Spiritual: Creativity, opportunities, protection, grounding, wisdom, expansion, enlightenment, motivation, cleansing negativity, dream work, new beginnings, relieves home-sickness, promotes intuition.

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