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Faith in rocks versus faith in MY Rock.

I want to begin by stating that the following blog is my opinion. It is not something you will find in a text book; it is simply the way I see things and how my personal views have affected my life.

Ever since I began touting the phrase “crystal healing”, I have been questioned as to what I am referring to specifically. Am I referring to the actual tangible rock that I can hold in my hand? Am I referring to the metaphysical properties that have been linked to the vibration of the stone? Or am I simply now worshiping rocks? Laugh if you want… I just did. In thinking about the inquiries I find myself having to answer, I have come up with a theory that I personally feel works for me. It’s both fact based and faith based; which coincidentally is how I have always lived my life.

Crystals are in fact a beautiful thing to behold. The colors, the striations, the unique structures, and a plethora of other attributes sometimes have me looking at them with awe. I find it so fascinating that these formations were created in nature by intense pressure, heat, water, time and space. Amethyst in particular, which happens to be one of my favorites has such beautiful bands of white and multiple shades of purple. At times the effects are random in structure and at other times you can see an unmistakable chevron pattern within the crystal depending on the way it is formed, cut, and/or polished.

Chevron AmethystRaw AmethystAmethyst Bas'elet

As beautiful as they are, I don’t think it’s the actual rock that provides a remedy for all ailments. In fact, it is not scientifically proven that crystals possess any healing properties.  Whether you believe in the big bang theory or in God Himself creating life and the world as we know it, we can most likely agree that crystals are and always have been formed naturally from the beginning. Many types of crystals are still being discovered today; however, they have been around for millions of years. Crystals are found all over the globe with origins in countries like Mexico, Peru, China, India, and so many others.

Here is what I personally believe about crystals - I believe crystals possess a unique energy based upon how they were formed and that there is a vibration associated with said energy. When I look at certain crystals, I feel a “pull” to them. Many others have stated this as well, and I have always used it as a basis of which crystal energy we may need at that time in our lives. Many have described this as a crystal “calling” to them. I feel that the aesthetic of crystals is something that greatly contributes to why we are drawn to them. A specific color, the way it refracts light, or an evoked emotion can all be contributing factors to this “pull”. I like to spend time researching several different resources as to people’s personal experience in addition to the metaphysical properties that each crystal is said to promote. Coincidentally, many times I find that the physical, emotional or spiritual attributes of a crystal tend to tie directly to what I am needing or lacking at a particular point in my life. I personally find that reassuring; it tends to be an affirmation of sorts when I am purchasing crystals.

I also believe that a symbolism exists with each stone based on the metaphysical properties that are associated with it. I do not think that specific crystals can assist me in healing because they hold a supernatural power. I have always equated supernatural forces with the power of God. I understand that many choose to believe that the traditional “God” that I believe in is not the same as their beliefs; I am completely fine with this. Regardless of what God, Gods, Goddesses, Universe or Power one believes in, many can come to an agreement that the prevalent idea is that we should be good to one another. My mission is not to convince anyone of any specific religion, but to offer a hope to people who need it. What do I mean by that and what is the tie in? Glad you asked…

My beliefs stem from love. I feel we are all called to love one another because no one was put on this earth alone. Our coexistence should be one of harmonious interactions, motivated by pure intentions. There is no tangible God, walking around or living on a cloud. We cannot just go to His door and have a chat or ask for a miracle. We rely on our sense of faith to feel the presence of God in this world. I personally find that my greatest interactions with the power of God have been through the people I am blessed to have in my life. I personally think there is a lesson to be learned from every interaction we have with each other.

Having laid out the aforementioned groundwork, one may now see why crystal healing is something that I want to share with others. The crystals are another way to enhance someone’s life. I can use my creations to bring joy from seeing them, hope from obtaining them, reminders of healing from wearing them, or a supernatural connection to a power greater than us by using them in meditation.

Higher Love BraceletYou Can Do Magic BraceletChakra w/ Hematite Bracelet

My goal here is simple: if something I take the time to create and share can offer someone hopes that things are going to be alright, then that’s one mark in the “win” column. I believe that in sharing my creations, I can share a bit of love with others. Doing the work that I am called to do in this life is something I find extremely fulfilling. So if you look at it the way I do, then you may feel the genuine intensions that I put into every piece that I create and just maybe your life will be better for it. If you just look at it as a nice piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style, then I am elated to contribute a meaningful accessory to your wardrobe. Either way, you’re receiving a sense of joy from something I made, and that is more than enough satisfaction for me.

It always intrigues me to discover why others are drawn to crystals. Why the attraction? What do they provide to you? Share your thoughts…

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  • There are so many reasons why I love wearing my different mjosephcreations…the colors of the beads, how the light interacts with them, their smoothness and. the total comfortability on my wrist, and how I feel when I wear them. The love and quality you instill in each creation was evident when I first saw your bracelets. Being a proud owner of several of your beautiful bracelets, I can personally attest to feeling calmer and more centered when I wear them. You are an artist whose beliefs mirror so much of what I feel about life and humanity. What you do each day is a G-d given gift …for you and those that have the pleasure of wearing your creations.

    Michelle Hughes

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