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About Us

M. Joseph Crystal Creations was established February 16, 2020 by Joseph Massa.

Every crystal creation is personally designed by Joseph with others in mind.

M. Joseph’s goal is to provide crystal creations to support your wardrobe. Every semi-precious stone used is 100% authentic and carefully selected.

M. Joseph’s creations are handcrafted from the heart for a personal feel and customer experience. Whether you are looking for a trendy piece of jewelry, a one-of-a-kind design, artisan craftsmanship or simply because the aesthetic speaks to you, we have what you're looking for.

We also will design custom creations tailored to your personal needs and preferences. Contact us at support@mjosephcreations.com to schedule a consultation.

It’s fascinating to witness the natural formations and striations within every crystal and to know that just like us, each one is unique and different. My hope is that you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.

Stay blessed, Joseph