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Crystal Descriptions & Properties

The information about the mystic attributes on this website is based on common beliefs and information collected from a variety of sources; however, M. Joseph Crystal Creations takes no responsibility and makes no claims to the mystic attributes. Consider this information “for entertainment purposes only.” The information provided is never a substitute for proper medical care or professionally administered treatments for medical issues.

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Abalone Shell

  • Physical: Heart strength, physical strength, detoxifying, immune system support, stamina.
  • Emotional: Calming, contentment, communication & expression, harmony, love, peace, compassion, cooperation, tranquility, clarity.
  • Spiritual: Enhances intuition, protection, healing, psychic development, cleansing & purifying.


  • Physical: Dental problems, balance issues, health & healing, gout, liver, muscles, nervous system, thyroid, osteoporosis, reflexology, alcoholism, mental clarity.
  • Emotional: Clarity, anger release, non-verbal communication & expression, truth, compassion, coping with grief, soothing, balance, fear, love, joy, self-confidence & self-worth.
  • Spiritual: Balance, clarity, manifestation, enhances intuition, objectivity, universal love.


  • Physical: Healing, longevity, arthritis support, asthma & breathing issue support, bone health, brain health, immune system support, combats inflammation, pain relief, combats headaches & migraines, fights stomach & intestinal disorders.
  • Emotional: Purification, centering, dispel or release negativity, eases depression, reduces stress & tension, patience, romantic love, joy.
  • Spiritual: Creativity, protection, wisdom, ancient knowledge, light, nature connection, altruism, aura balancing, grounding, cleansing, purification, good luck, success.


  • Physical: Addictions, metabolism, blood disorders, brain health, cancer, endocrine support, headache & migraine relief, healing, immune system support, sleep support, nightmares, respiratory health, skin infections & irritations, tumors, weakness, wrinkles.
  • Emotional: Anger release, anxiety, coping with loss, balance, pain, fear, motivation, peace, stress reduction, serenity.
  • Spiritual: Connection with higher-self, connection with inner-child, dream interpretation, love, harmony, wisdom, meditation, enhances psychic abilities, intuition & mediumship.

Amethyst Cacoxenite (Super Seven)

  • Physical: Health & healing, communication, insomnia support, help overcoming addiction, respiratory support, cell regeneration, ADHD, bipolar support, liver health, adrenal health, reproductive support, digestion, thyroid health.
  • Emotional: Release of fear & anger, confidence, peace, harmony, contentment, combats depression & anxiety, help overcoming negative attachments, moving passed outdated feelings & relationships.
  • Spiritual: Spiritual evolution, ascension & growth, healing, awakening, intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, ESP, channeled writing, direct channeling, telepathy, grounding, psychic protection, an antenna & amplifier to the Divine mind.


  • Physical: Concentration, AIDS/HIV, immune system support, metabolism balance, Alzheimer's Disease, combats balancing issues, mental clarity, exhaustion & fatigue, circulatory problems, gastrointestinal issue support.
  • Emotional: Anxiety support, calming, anger diffusion & release, grief, decision making, combats fear & phobias, self-confidence & self-worth.
  • Spiritual: Prosperity, abundance, psychic communication, aura cleansing, transmutes negativity, facilitates positive energy flow, balances polarities, creativity, balance, clarity, protection, meditation, motivation, imagination & manifestation.


  • Physical: Sleep support, osteoporosis, water retention, throat inflammation support, thyroid support, blood deficiencies, weight control, lungs, headaches, circulatory system, infectious disease support.
  • Emotional: Acceptance, compassion, helps ease pain, fear & insecurity, peacefulness, tranquility, communicate truth.
  • Spiritual: Angel connection & communication, astral projection & traveling, astrology, connection & communication with spirit guides, connection & communication with totem animals, protection, telepathy, psychic channeling, inspiration, encourages forgiveness.

Apple Jasper 

  • Physical: Stomach health, liver health, sexual energy, endurance, focus, stamina, healing. 
  • Emotional: Soothing, nurturing, supreme bliss, peace & peacefulness, passion, joy, vibrancy, patience.
  • Spiritual: Balances yin/yang energy, grounding, creativity, stimulates life-force energy, promotes determination, persistence.

Aqua Terra (Impression) Jasper 

  • Physical: DNA repair, combats addiction, epilepsy support, aids indigestion & nausea, urinary tract health, helps calm travel sickness.
  • Emotional: Calming, nurturing, peaceful, tranquil, consolation, reduces stress & tension, clarity, love, compassion, emotional healing.
  • Spiritual: Shamanistic journeys, dream recall, aligns "light" body with physical body, etheric travel, absorbs negativity, balances yin/yang energy.


  • Physical: Healing, autoimmune disorder support, allergies, sinuses, eye disorders & infections, dental issues, jaw pain relief, nausea, thyroid health, liver & bladder disorders, cough, acne, skin disorders, acne, psoriasis, eczema, edema, water retention, leg & foot problems, lymphatic system support.
  • Emotional: Anxiety relief, combat nervousness, calming, coping with change, centering, peacefulness, anger diffusion & release, harmony, serenity, dispel phobias.
  • Spiritual: Protection, inspiration, meditation, truth, awareness, angelic connection & communication, connection with higher-self, connection with inner-child.


Blue Aventurine

  • Physical: Addictions, throat health, overall well-being, promotes eloquent communication, appetite control & food addictions, respiratory & circulatory issues, hormonal balance.
  • Emotional: Combats aggression, promotes empathy, peace, growth, outgrow childishness, overcome selfishness, tame passive-aggression.
  • Spiritual: Enhances psychic abilities, enhances intuition, promotes willingness to embrace previously denied gifts & abilities, self-discipline, overcome bad-habits, enhances leadership abilities.

Brown Aventurine 

  • Physical: Chronic pain support, combats panic attacks, animal healing, degenerative disorders, foot problems, supports legs, prostate health.
  • Emotional: Patience, helps pull you back together, comfort, stability, solidarity & balance in relationships.
  • Spiritual: Abundance, grounded, Earth connection, focus in practical matters, perseverance, learning, supports commitments, pet healing.

Green Aventurine 

  • Physical: Heart, health & healing, vision & eye health, nervous system, high blood pressure, ease eruptions of acne, eczema, & rosacea.
  • Emotional: Calming, anti-anxiety, purification, healing from emotional trauma, reduces stress & tension.
  • Spiritual: Abundance, luck, courage, detachment from outcomes, healing, harmony, tranquility.

Red Aventurine

  • Physical: Autoimmune disorders, infertility, liver health, low blood pressure, nausea.
  • Emotional: Creativity, release negative energy, harmony and balance.
  • Spiritual: Security, sense of one’s own power, abundance, relationship support.


  • Physical: health & healing, thyroid, asthma, arthritis, brain disorders, joint pain.
  • Emotional: Confidence, comfort, patience, relaxation.
  • Spiritual: Meditation, connection with spirit guide, clairvoyance, balance of aura.

Black Jasper

  • Physical: Pain relief, post-surgical healing, vitamin/mineral/nutrient absorption, health, stomach ailments, leg/hip/foot pain, vertigo.
  • Emotional: Mending a broken heart, stabilizing, support.
  • Spiritual: Good luck in confrontations, manifestation, prophetic dreams & visions, highly protective against curses & threats, protection for high-risk occupations.

Black Network Agate 

  • Physical: Strength, healing, pain relief, bone disorders & health, joint pain & health, aids concentration & clarity.
  • Emotional: Calming, comforting, coping with grief, peacefulness, reduces stress & tension, harmonizes positive & negative, fosters love.
  • Spiritual: Courage, protection, healing, grounding, inner stability, opens the mind.

Black Obsidian

  • Physical: Blockages, Arthritis, Circulatory problems, detox, joint pain/health, pain relief, physical protection.
  • Emotional: Blockages, healing, stress & tension reduction, post-trauma healing.
  • Spiritual: Positive energy & vibrations, grounding energy, protection against psychic attacks.

Black Onyx 

  • Physical: Allergies, alcoholism, addictions, birthing health & issues, strengthens legs, combat obesity, ovarian disorders or cysts, strength & stamina, endurance, headache support, eye disorders, teeth, bone & bone marrow health, blood disorders, mental focus.
  • Emotional: Anxiety relief, calming, soothing, dispel or release negativity, promotes feeling loved & protected, safety, stability & self-control, combat fear, heals grief.
  • Spiritual: Grounding, reduce negativity, healthy decision making, helps deal with past trauma, alignment with Divine/higher power, angel connection & messages, telekinesis.


  • Physical: Back pain & problems, bone health & disorders, cancer, health & healing, epilepsy, muscular/skeletal, sleep support, infection, psoriasis, tumors & growths, ulcers.
  • Emotional: Positive energy, harmony, honesty, reduce stress & tension, self-confidence & self-worth, chaos control.
  • Spiritual: Protection, aura cleansing, angel connection & communication, Christ consciousness, white light, connection with higher-self & higher-realms, enhances dreams, healing, enhances psychic abilities, increases intuition, meditation support, raise vibrations, release & dispel negativity, release unwanted entities.

Blue Apatite 

  • Physical: Organ support, glandular health, bone & dental support, healing, strength, communication, appetite suppressant, expand intellect, public speaking, concentration & memory support, combats vertigo & dizziness.
  • Emotional: Dispels & removes apathy, peacefulness, overcome self-consciousness & alienation, eases anger, reduces irritability, reduces sorrow, combats emotional exhaustion, promotes openness. 
  • Spiritual: Angel communication & connection, animal communication, balance, creativity, manifestation, clarity, meditation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, wisdom, motivation, telepathy, personal power.

Blue Chalcedony

  • Physical: Body temperature regulation, communication, PTSD support, physical healing, nourishing & rejuvenation, longevity, knowledge, assists with breaking addictions, gentle self-expression.
  • Emotional: Calming, eases depression, peace of mind, soothing, relaxation, passion, stress & anxiety relief, patience, joy, growth, emotional understanding, empathy.
  • Spiritual: Release & dispel negativity, creativity, angel communication & expression, cleansing, purification, motivation, enhances psychic abilities, new beginnings, meditation, mastering fear, wisdom, truth, transformation, spiritual awakening, intuition, determination.

Blue Lace Agate

  • Physical: Aches & pains support, arthritis support, headache & migraine relief, eye infections & disorders, sinuses, brain disorders & health, stuttering, dental pain, cold & flu support, asthma, tonsillitis, laryngitis, infection, indigestion, bruising, skin irritations & infections, psoriasis, ulcers, urinary tract health, throat health, lower high-blood pressure.
  • Emotional: Anti-anxiety, anger diffusion & release, peace & peacefulness, honesty, hope, combats frustration, serenity, expression, calming, healing, soothing.
  • Spiritual: Meditation, overthinking, spirit guide connection, angel connection, communication, cleanse negative energy, protection, compassion, positivity, courage, creativity, manifestation.


  • Physical: Aids digestion, digestive system support, kidney disorders & health, muscle pain or issues, strength, combats infections.
  • Emotional: Love & relationship support, combats anxiety, stress & tension reduction, courage, growth.
  • Spiritual: Courtesy, creativity, dispel & release negativity, deflects negativity back to sender, grounding, psychic protection, focus, determination, transformation, channeling.


  • Physical: allergies, sexuality, fertility, healthy blood supply, arthritis support, respiratory support, body detox, appetite management, weakness & fatigue, pain relief.
  • Emotional: creativity, motivation, confidence, acceptance, courage, overcome abuse, protection from resentment, embrace change, moving forward.
  • Spiritual: ambition, focus, balance, serenity, spiritual protection, new career.


  • Physical: Chronic pain, sleep support, sleep apnea, headaches & migraines, tinnitus, throat issues, thyroid health & balance, ear & eye health, cellular repair, calms muscle tension.
  • Emotional: Eases depression, calming, reduces stress & tension, kindness, peace & peacefulness, forgiveness, honesty, soothing, uplifting, combats pride & jealousy, 
  • Spiritual: White light, angel connection & communication, summons guardian angel, connection with Divine, clarity, clairaudience, aura protection, cosmic awareness & consciousness, prayer, mediation, enhances psychic abilities, truth, protection, visualization, chaos control.


  • Physical: Breathing issues & bronchial support, PMS & menstruation, muscular/skeletal pain, arthritis, pancreas & prostate health, leg cramp support, lung support, increases metabolism.
  • Emotional: Anger diffusion & release, balance, gentleness, joy, kindness, gratitude, honesty, hope, trust, peacefulness, patience, reduces stress & tension, anxiety support.
  • Spiritual: Serenity, meditation support, release negativity, nurtures understanding, personal power, inner balance.


  • Physical: Digestion & digestive system health, heart health, menstrual cramps & menstruation, detoxifying, rejuvenation.
  • Emotional: Compassion, balance, anxiety support, self-confidence & self-worth, love, hope, honesty, happiness, relaxation.
  • Spiritual: Grace, positive energy, inner-child connection, insight, meditation, new beginnings, transformation, wisdom, nature connection, animal communication.


  • Physical: body detox, break addictions, stomach issues, digestion, diabetes, headaches & migraines, kidney health, thyroid health.
  • Emotional: courage, confidence, creativity, honesty, self-esteem, hope, happiness & joy.
  • Spiritual: abundance, wealth, prosperity, manifestation, enhance psychic abilities, dispel phobias, reduce negativity.

Clear Quartz

  • Physical: Clear thoughts, activate & amplify energy, heals all conditions, pain relief, sleep support, vertigo, memory, immune system support.
  • Emotional: Regain positive emotions, healing, acceptance, harmony, joy, reduce stress.
  • Spiritual: Wisdom, awakening, understanding, avoid evil energy, absorbs negative energy, angel communication, spirit communication, telepathy.

Crazy Lace Agate

  • Physical: Energy & stamina, ADHD, concentration, healing, vitality to major organs, pancreas, lymphatic system, blood vessel support.
  • Emotional: Inner stability, composure, healing, happiness, joy, calming, peaceful, extracts emotional pain, 
  • Spiritual: Protection, maturity, focus, grounding, stabilizing, optimism, self-confidence & self-worth, self-acceptance, connection to higher-self, healing, wards off evil-eye, the laughter stone, balance of energies. 

Dalmatian Jasper

  • Physical: Stamina, sleep support, sprains, cartilage problems, digestion, gallstones, blood healing, immune system support. 
  • Emotional: Calming, calming animals, emotional stability, happiness, joy, mood support.
  • Spiritual: Animal communication, animal healing, aura cleansing & clearing, good luck, inspires faith and devotion toward others, converts negative energy to positive energy, grounding, psychic protection.

Dalmatian Jasper (Orange)

  • Physical: Healing, strength, supports exercising & sports, stamina, sleep support, sprains, cartilage problems, digestion, gallstones, blood healing, immune system support.
  • Emotional: Trust, emotionally open, calming, tranquility, stress relief, courage, calming animals, emotional stability, happiness, joy, mood support.
  • Spiritual: Grounding, balances yin/yang energy, converts negative energy to positive energy, protection from nightmares, motivation, prosperity, animal communication, animal healing.

Dragon's Blood Jasper (Dragon Stone)

  • Physical: Strength, self-healing, back problems & pan, colds & flu, fertility issue support, stomach problem support, multiple sclerosis, communication.
  • Emotional: Calming, patience, love & relationships, joy, passion, confidence, grief, resolution, coping with grief & loss, strength & stability, happiness, passion, compassion, understanding, perseverance, courage, trauma support.
  • Spiritual: Opportunities, power, manifestation, creativity, empowerment, transition support, balance, meditation, personal will, intension enhancement.

Dragon's Vein Agate 

  • Physical: Energy, strength, memory, aids concentration, stamina, intestinal issues, blood issues, lymphatic system support, intelligence. 
  • Emotional: Self-confidence and self-worth, honesty, relationship support.
  • Spiritual: Blooms hidden talents, promotes finding a good partner to love, good luck, heightens creativity & visualization, manifestation, aids in pursuing one's fate.

Druzy Agate

  • Stability and balance is promoted by this beautiful matte druzy agate. Each crystal varies and may even allow you to see the dazzling formations within. Relaxation and stress relief are promoted by the druzy crystalline that forms over the matrix of an agate crystal.

Dumortierite/Sunset Dumortierite

  • Physical: Headache & migraine relief, colic, cramps, epilepsy, combats nausea & vomiting, hypersensitivity, heart palpitations, mental clarity, sunburn.
  • Emotional: Eases depression, combats fear & phobias, insomnia support, reduce stress & tension, overcome panic & fear, battle stage-fright, helps organization, patience, over-excitement, self-confidence & self-worth, overcome shyness, eases stubbornness.
  • Spiritual: Angel communication & connection, spirit guide connection & communication, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, enhances psychic gifts, provides clarity.


  • Physical: Memory support, combats arthritis, supports eye health, detoxifying, immune system support, heart health, liver health, blood pressure regulation, combats nausea & vomiting, ulcer support, strength, healing. 
  • Emotional: Calming, tranquility, compassion, helps cope with grief, combats guilt, promotes honesty, serenity, love & relationships, unity of heart & will.
  • Spiritual: Abundance, prosperity, inspiration, clarity, clairvoyance, intuition, opportunities, sense of purpose, meditation, consciousness. 

Fire Agate 

  • Physical: Increases metabolism, vitality, combat fever & hot-flashes, digestion, central nervous system, circulatory issues, overcome sexual dysfunction, eye disorders & night vision. 
  • Emotional: Courage, overcome shyness, promotes calmness, passion, joy, protection, supports ambition & willpower.
  • Spiritual: Reduces negative energy, protection, inspiring, safety, repels emotional & psychic "vampires", promotes independent thinking.


  • Physical: ADD/ADHD, bone health, dental issues, concentration, eating disorders, focus, healing, memory, mental enhancement, coordination, balance, dizziness, vertigo, dexterity, exercise & sport support.
  • Emotional: Neutralize negativity, balancing polarities, honesty, stability, self-confidence.
  • Spiritual: Intuition, healing, grounding, manifestation, shielding from psychic manipulation, decisiveness, clarity, protection, cleansing, sense of purpose, self-discipline, Divine connection.


Green Garnet

  • Physical: Abrasions & wounds, arthritis, acid balance, cancer, leukemia, heart health, kidney health & disorders, liver health & disorders, inflammation, rheumatism.
  • Emotional: Communication & expression, self-confidence & self-worth, positive verbalization of feelings, hope, gratitude. 
  • Spiritual: Prosperity, wealth, abundance, aids in nurturing a new relationship/business, strength in difficult times.

Red Garnet

  • Physical: Anemia, arthritis support, blood circulation, blood cleansing & detox, intestinal issues & stomach problems, heart, eyes, lungs.
  • Emotional: Honesty, compassion, love, self-worth, loyalty, willpower, confidence, awareness, crisis management, anxiety, self-esteem.
  • Spiritual: Manifestation, transformation, prosperity, charisma.

Green Forest Jasper 

  • Physical: Healing, strength, release disease, detoxifying, immune system support, treats skin disorders, dispels bloating, protects against pollution, digestive tract healing, supports purifying organs, combats OCD, energy, supports fertility.
  • Emotional: Stability, calming, security, nurturing, combats obsessive behaviors, balance, emotionally supportive.
  • Spiritual: Grounding, protects against evil spirits, positivity, self-confidence & self-worth, overcome nightmares.

Green Opal 

  • Physical: Anxiety & stress relief, calming, healing, nourishing & rejuvenating, combats birthing problems, fever relief, memory, menstruation, PMS, puberty support.
  • Emotional: Emotional understanding, love & relationships, aids in heartache, patience, joy & happiness, grief support, strength, peace, comforting, soothing, combats fear, relieves insecurity, reduces stubbornness.
  • Spiritual: Clarity, meditation, help after trauma, cleansing, expanded awareness, living in the present moment, spiritual awakening, assists after the dissolution of a relationship and/or after a disagreement. 


  • Physical: Strength, vitality, aids in concentration, balance, anemia, back issues, blood cleansing and circulatory problems, inflammation, insomnia, liver & kidney health, multiple sclerosis, pain relief, depression.
  • Emotional: Anger release, courage, release negativity, balance, self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Spiritual: Protection, balance, grounding, harmony, awareness, healing.


  • Physical: Bone health, osteoporosis, skeletal system, dental health, balances calcium levels, immune system support, strengthens memory, creates a desire for knowledge.
  • Emotional: Anxiety relief, calming, anger diffusion, creativity, inspiration, unselfishness, expression, release emotional pain.
  • Spiritual: Meditation, maximize energy flow, connection with spirit guide, aura cleansing.

Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) 

  • Physical: Immune system support, combats infections, reduces fever, bruise & sprain healing, heart health & conditions, nervous & circulatory systems support, respiratory system health, combats bronchitis, cellular healing, hypoglycemia. 
  • Emotional: Understanding, patience, transition through emotional change, honesty, individuality, emotional balance.
  • Spiritual: Psychic abilities, clairvoyance, white magic, spiritual awakening, lucid dreaming, creativity, intuition, alignment of all chakras, balances polarities, knowledge, insight, higher-consciousness connection, meditation, grounding.


  • Physical: Alcoholism, addictions, fatigue, chronic fatigue, improves memory, liver health & disorders, detoxification, regulates digestion, enhances hair & nail growth, cramps, thyroid health, muscular/skeletal, sleep support, helps with nerves & numbness.
  • Emotional: Coping with change, discernment, overcoming emotional abuse, combats fear of the unknown, calming, positivity, harmony.
  • Spiritual: Energy balancing, enhances intuition, enhances psychic abilities, meditation, visualization, helps express true-self, promotes peaceful spiritual journey. 

Jade, Nephrite

  • Physical: Arthritis support, combats acne & skin irritations/infections, combats bacterial infections, bladder issues, blood sugar regulation & management, bone disorders & health, kidney disorders & health, lymphatic system support, healing, detoxifying, fertility issues, pregnancy support.
  • Emotional: Peace & peacefulness, harmony, love & relationships, promotes all types of love, calming, patience, joy, eases guilt, increases trust, soothing, helps accept change.
  • Spiritual: Abundance, prosperity, balances yin/yang energy, lucid dreaming, protection, transmutation of negative energy, longevity, nature connection, astral travel, safe physical travel, interrupts negative thought patterns, strengthens life force, wisdom.


  • Physical: Combats bacterial & viral infections, cold & flu relief, fights dental pain issues, combats fever, headache/migraine relief, boost libido/sex drive, mestruation & menstrual cramp support, combats stomach issues & swelling.
  • Emotional: Combats fear, balance, grief support, strengthens emotional spirit, emotional guidance, supports making amends, humility.
  • Spiritual: Grounding, psychic & spiritual protection, removes attachments, releases unwanted entities, luck & good fortune, clarity, transformation, clearing, purification, insight, transmutation of negative energies, nature connection. 


  • Physical: Communication, headache & migraine support, stress relief, bone strength & support, throat support.
  • Emotional: Peacefulness, harmony, empathy, emotional control, balance, goodwill, reconciliation, emotional expression. 
  • Spiritual: Enhances psychic abilities, telepathy, lucid dreaming, combats nightmares, astral projection, abundance, meditation, higher knowledge, connection with higher-self, sight beyond sight, intuition, wisdom, enlightenment, grounding.

Blue Kyanite

  • Physical: Supports brain disorders & health, mobility, nervous system healing & regeneration, neurological system support, post-stroke support, speech, thyroid health & balance, tissue health & healing.
  • Emotional: Reduces stress & tension, tranquility, helps communicate & express emotions.
  • Spiritual: Meditation support, aligns chakras, enhances psychic abilities, release & dispel negativity, telepathy, astral projection/traveling, visualization.


  • Physical: Eye disorders & infections, emphysema, uncover illness with unknown causes, digestion & stomach issues, addictions, brain disorders & health, psoriasis, skin infections & irritations, seizures.
  • Emotional: Self-confidence & self-worth, codependency issues, reduce stress, dispel negative self-talk, overcome insecurity, 
  • Spiritual: Created white magic, block emotional vampires, protection from psychic attacks, transformation, strength, intellect, protection, promotes energy between aura & chakras, higher consciousness, clairvoyance, stimulate dreams, meditation, telepathy, mediumship.

Lapis Lazuli

  • Physical: Foster verbal expression, eases communication, memory & mental stamina, aches & pains, HIV/AIDS, ADD, ADHD, migraines, asthma, birthing support, pregnancy, immune system, brain disorders, bone disorders, ear infections, throat.
  • Emotional: Calming, anxiety support, panic attacks, compassion, healing, grief support, hope, perseverance, stress support.
  • Spiritual: Connecting and communicating with spirit, enhances intuition and psychic abilities, wisdom, aura balancing, appreciation, protection, inner peace.


  • Physical: Peace of mind, combats PTSD, longevity, vitality, combats skin disorders, assists muscle detoxification, brain health & healing, promotes cardiovascular health.
  • Emotional: Joy, healing, truth, promotes trust, stress & anxiety relief, calming, patience, relaxation, peace, empathy, generosity, understanding, courage, compassion, combats worry.
  • Spiritual: Manifestation, protection, enhances psychic abilities, positive energy, opportunities, nurturing, new beginnings, meditation, knowledge, intuition, inspiration, wisdom.

Lava Stone 

  • Physical: Strength, communication, enhances fertility, combats foot/feet issues, boosts energy, sexual organ health & wellness, protection from toxins, stimulates the mind.
  • Emotional: Calming, patience, stress relief, anxiety relief, emotional understanding, courage, balance, dispels anger.
  • Spiritual: Creativity, opportunities, protection, grounding, wisdom, expansion, enlightenment, motivation, cleansing negativity, dream work, new beginnings, relieves home-sickness, promotes intuition.

Leopard Skin Jasper 

  • Physical: Healing, strength, vitality, mental clarity, fertility, repair weakened organs & ruptured tissue, renal support, digestion. 
  • Emotional: Enhances better judgment, stability, harmony, stress & anxiety support, kindness, compassion.
  • Spiritual: Animal communication, connection & communication with totem animals, out of body experiences, karma, protection for travelers & astral travelers, grounding, deflect negative energy.


  • Physical: ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, alleviates allergies, helps stomach problems, combats nightmares & insomnia, addiction suppression, eases constipation/diarrhea, panic attack support, gentle self-expression. 
  • Emotional: Eases depression, anti-anxiety, provides balance, removes blockages, helps mood swings, reduces stress & tension, rage diffusion/release, relaxation, calming, patience, joy.
  • Spiritual: Combats electromagnetic frequencies/pollution/smog, cosmic awareness & consciousness, removes spiritual blockages, lucid dreaming, higher-self, opportunities.  

Lodolite Quartz

  • Physical: Immune system strengthening & support, kidney disorders & health, memory health, pain relief, burns, AIDS/HIV, vertigo, thyroid balance & health.
  • Emotional: Balance, acceptance, healing, stabilizing, joy, calming, harmony, friendship, reduces stress & tension, perseverance.
  • Spiritual: Amplifying, angel & angelic realm communication, higher-self communication, spirt guide communication, higher realm connection, inner-child connection, shamanic healing, spiritual awakening & guidance, unity, manifestation, positive intensions, soul cleansing, overcoming obstacles & achieving goals.


  • Physical: Cancer, arthritis, asthma, back issues, bone disorders & health, osteoporosis, bacterial infections, congestion, dental pain & problems, pain relief, healing, headaches & migraines, immune system support, muscle pain or issues, birthing problems, skin infections & irritations, dizziness, vertigo.
  • Emotional: comforting, emotional balance, removes emotional blockages, provides hope, combats shyness, self-confidence & self worth,
  • Spiritual: Abundance, prosperity, absorbs negative energy, spiritual protection & protection against accidents, guards against energetic & physical pollution, relieves travel fears.

Mookaite Jasper/Sunset Mookaite 

  • Physical: Immune support, blood sugar management, anti-aging, longevity, glandular health, physical healing, PTSD support,
  • Emotional: Calming, soothing, relaxing, stability, helps with grief, personal power, personal will, peace of mind, passion, joy, inspiration, selflessness, resolution, patience.
  • Spiritual: Mediation, spirit communication, new beginning, change is possible, breaking ancestral habits, opportunities, nurturing, nourishing & rejuvenating, motivation, mastering fear, prosperity, manifestation, leadership, knowledge, intuition, wisdom, protection, protection, abundance.


  • Physical: Arthritis, breast health, birthing issues & health, infertility, pregnancy, water retention, edema, menstrual cramps, PMS, pancreas health, stomach issues, insomnia, insect bites, vomiting, circulatory issues, multiple sclerosis.
  • Emotional: Composure, anger diffusion & release, balance, healing, fear of the dark, happiness, harmony, hope, mood swings, letting go & releasing, centering, positive energy, postpartum depression
  • Spiritual: Aura balancing & revitalizing, clairvoyance, ancient knowledge/wisdom, divine will, enhances dreams, enhances intuition, protection.

Blue Moonstone 

  • Physical: Master healer, reproductive system support, fertility, eases pregnancy symptoms, hormone balance, addresses fluid retention, eye health, skin health, hair health, insomnia support, digestive support, assists nutrient absorption.
  • Emotional: Healing, calming, soothing, balance, peace & peacefulness, uplifting energy, assists in finding new love after a broken heart.
  • Spiritual: Feminine energy, protection, personal power, self-confidence, wisdom, cleanse & dispel negativity, promotes lucid dreaming, abundance & prosperity, uncover hidden knowledge.


  • Physical: Asthma, abdominal issues, throat, heart, lungs, emphysema, muscular/skeletal support. 
  • Emotional: Attract & maintain love, unconditional love, peace, joy, coping with change & release, eases depression, reduces stress, self-acceptance, self-care, self-love, help with releasing toxic patterns or people.
  • Spiritual: Angel communication, connection with higher source, divine love, divine connection, divine guidance.

Moss Agate 

  • Physical: Health & healing, aids concentration, combats bacterial/viral infections, fights blood disorders & circulatory issues, aids digestion, combats cold & flu, combats skin infections & irritations, combats PTSD, strength.
  • Emotional: Calming, guilt support, compassion, soothing, supports relationships, combats mood swings, relaxation, passion, nurturing, joy, stress & anxiety relief, determination.
  • Spiritual: Healing, earth healing, animal communication, wealth, new beginnings, resolution, protection, purification, meditation, intuition, wisdom, truth, trust, sense of purpose, breaking addictions, grounding.

Orange Calcite 

  • Physical: Combats chronic fatigue, supports bone health, assists blood clotting, combats ear infections & pain, immune system support & strengthening, IBS support, helps joint pain, supports reproductive organs, fertility & pregnancy, combats skin infections & irritations, fights ovarian disorders or cysts, heals tissue, combats tumors and growths, supports exercise & sports.
  • Emotional: Alleviates emotional stress, provides joy, combats laziness, gentle self-expression, confidence, provides motivation, revitalization, healing from trauma or sexual abuse.
  • Spiritual: Balance, energizing, aura clearing & cleansing, meditation, creativity, sexuality, expansion, creating your own reality, inspiration, physical body and soul connection, reignites the fire in one's soul.


  • Physical: Blood sugar regulation & management, detoxifying, eye disorders & infections, heartburn/indigestion, liver disorders & health, lung health, muscle toning, thyroid balance & health, tissue health & healing, recuperation, breast health, smoking cessation. 
  • Emotional: Grief support, anger/rage diffusion & release, healing, reduces stress, comforting, eases depression, love & relationships, generosity.
  • Spiritual: Abundance, creativity, prosperity, insight, transformation, nature connection, chakra cleansing & alignment.

Peruvian Turquoise (Chrysocolla Turquoise) 

  • Physical: Combats leg cramps & muscle pain, arthritis support, breathing problems, increased metabolism, bronchial issues, menstruation, PMS, nervous system regeneration & healing, ulcers.
  • Emotional: Balance, acceptance, combats anxiety & stress, anger diffusion/release, combats fear, generousness, gentleness, honesty, joy, kindness, hope, guilt support, trust.
  • Spiritual: Good fortune, connection with healing spirits, mediation, serenity.

    Phantom Quartz

    • Physical: Foster talent, strength, healing, speed recovery, create healthy bacteria, immune system support, hearing disorders, master healer crystal.
    • Emotional: Love, self-confidence & self-worth, overcome past troubles, lifts depression, peace, tranquility, elevates mood, removes negativity.
    • Spiritual: Covers all of time; heals from past to future. Uncover hidden information and repressed memories, resolution & release, balance all chakras, improves luck flow, inspiration, clarity, mental strength.

    Picture Jasper

    • Physical: Immune system support, fear, kidney health, gallbladder health, urinary tract health, muscle pain, skin infections & irritations, smoking cessation, digestion, abdominal pain.
    • Emotional: Confidence, consolation, reduces stress & tension, inner harmony.
    • Spiritual: Earth connection & magic, awaken self-healing, protection from negative energy, calmness, mindfulness, perseverance. 

    Pink Opal 

    • Physical: Tension relief, skin infections & irritation, circulatory support, low blood pressure, diabetes support, liver inflammation, digestive issues, anemia. 
    • Emotional: Centering, acceptance, compassion, calming, love, tranquility, grounding, stress relief, healing, combat fear, dispel worry, anxiety support, grief, combat sadness.
    • Spiritual: Spiritual awakening, connection to Divine love & guidance, help releasing toxic patterns, rejuvenate aura, peace, release past trauma, angelic connection.

    Pink Sapphire

    • Physical: Heart balance & strength, balanced glucose metabolism, hypoglycemia & hyperglycemia support, gland regulation, combats blood disorders, strengthens veins.
    • Emotional: Love, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go, moving forward, compassion, gratitude, kindness, joy, emotional protection, overcome depressive tendencies, overcome shyness, express emotions & passion.
    • Spiritual: Self-confidence & self-worth, astral projection & travel, clairvoyance, insight, wisdom, clarity, intuition, good fortune, psychic protection, prosperity.

    Pink Zebra Jasper

    • Physical: Bone disorders & health, gallbladder, kidneys, skin infections & irritations, muscles, urinary tract.
    • Emotional: Find true love quickly, infinite love, nurturing, contentment, determination, consolation, grounding, reduces stress & tension.
    • Spiritual: Positivity, protection, connection to Earth, balance between earthly and astral planes, see past facades to the truth of others.


    • Physical: Body detox, energy balance & restoration, kidney disorders & health, bladder issue support, urinary tract health, stamina, gout support, lymphatic system support, shoulders, chest, lungs, repairs connective tissue.
    • Emotional: Reduces stress & tension, unconditional love, relaxation, peace & peacefulness, helps restore emotional health to healers.
    • Spiritual: Earth healing, meditation, enhances precognition & inner knowing, supports decluttering, combats nightmares, combats fears & phobias, intuition.

    Purple Jasper (Royal Plume Jasper/Plum Jasper)

    • Physical: Memory, prolonged illness support, re-energizing, rheumatism, epilepsy, pain, deep tissue health, bone health.
    • Emotional: Calming, nurturing, promotes fearlessness, hope, peace, stress relief, healing, assist with nervousness.
    • Spiritual: Wisdom, see clearly & objectively, archangel/deity connection, forming a path, mediumship, healing, help with decisions, grounding, assures safety, banishes nightmares, meditation, eliminates contradictions.


    • Physical: Arthritis support, enhances athletic abilities, stamina, combat bacterial/viral infections, viruses, overcomes asthma & bronchitis, fight colds/flu, lung support, brain health & disorders, bone health & disorders, DNA damage repair, memory health.
    • Emotional: Positive emotional energy, combat chaos, overcome anxiety & frustration, provides happiness, supports willpower, protection against manipulation, helps to uncover what truly lies behind another's words & actions.
    • Spiritual: Abundance, connection with Spirit, manifestation, self-confidence & self-worth, creativity, embrace innate abilities.

    Rainbow Jade 

    • Physical: Focus, helpful for eye issues, combats stomach issues, aids digestion and digestive issues, stimulates the mind, supports pancreas, helpful with middle-back issues, muscle support, liver function support. 
    • Emotional: Peace, comfort, joy, happiness, cheerfulness, inner light, promotes honesty, fosters love, warm personality, promotes sense of humor.
    • Spiritual: Positivity, new beginnings, grounding, promotes reliability, earth connection, resolution, heightens comprehension, fosters human connection, prosperity, self-confidence, self-control, personal power, wisdom.

    Red Agate 

    • Physical: Circulatory system support, heart support, improves blood vessel function, anemia support, combats hypertension, lymphatic system boost, immune system support, detoxification, organ support, tension headache support, combats acne.
    • Emotional: Passion, confidence, heals buried pain & trauma, promotes self-empowerment, combats fear, calmness, open communication in matters of love, promotes self-love.
    • Spiritual: Warrior stone, enlightenment, Divine connection, protection in adversity, guardian angel connection, earth connection, grounding, purpose, positivity, insight, creativity.

    Red Jasper 

    • Physical: Body temperature regulation, athletic ability, physical strength/combats weakness, physical protection, combats dizziness & vertigo, balance, circulation, liver disorders & health, low blood pressure support, aids stomach issues, longevity.
    • Emotional: Grounding, compassion, empathy, understanding, calming, patience, peace, nurturing, selflessness, stress relief.
    • Spiritual: Power, prosperity, determination, focus, transformation, wisdom, meditation, intuition, overcoming fear.

    Red Lightning Agate 

    • Physical: Energy, vitality, aids concentration, promotes action-taking, digestive support, combats gastroenteritis, skin issues & irritations, stomach issues, uterus health & healing, supports intestinal health, eye health, promotes blood flow, combats fever.
    • Emotional: Warm & calming, dissipates anger, removes emotional negativity, stability & balance, heals heartbreak, overcome grudges.
    • Spiritual: Awakens inherent talents, motivation, protection, grounding, safety, abundance, creativity, stimulates analytical capabilities & precision, promotes marital fidelity, boosts logic, aids decision making, self-confidence & self-worth.

    Red Snowflake Jasper 

    • Physical: Stamina, focus, sexual energy, endurance, healing, aids digestion, removes toxins.
    • Emotional: Inner strength, stabilizing, eases stress & tension, promotes nurturing behaviors.
    • Spiritual: Warrior stone, protection, creativity, grounding, dispels negativity.


    • Physical: Immune system strengthening & support, autoimmune disorders, increase metabolism, Alzheimer's disease, memory health, wound & burn healing, joint support, heart & lung health, cancer, hearing problems, panic attacks, infertility, eye disorders, combat energy slumps.
    • Emotional: Balance, dignity, kindness, love, passion, harmony, forgiveness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, process pain, maturity.
    • Spiritual: Insight, meditation support, unconditional love, career-path discernment, protection, creativity. 

    Rhyolite/Rainforest Rhyolite

    • Physical: Cold/flu, diabetes, immune system support & strengthening, kidney health & disorders, liver health & disorders, skin infections & irritations, low blood pressure, varicose veins.
    • Emotional: Coping with change, heals old wounds, removes blockages, calming, emotional strength, balance, blissfulness.
    • Spiritual: Nature realm connection & communication, self-esteem boost, enhances self-worth & self-respect, strengthens mind/body/soul connection.

    Rose Quartz

    • Physical: Alzheimer's Disease & dementia, bruising, burns, cough, complexion, skin infections & irritations, eating disorders, emphysema, fatigue, headache & migraine relief, balance sex drive, infertility, kidney health, lungs, blood issues, pain relief, menstruation, PTSD, shingles, heart weakness, imbalance, trauma.
    • Emotional: Love, anger release, healing, strength, stability, intimacy, clears stagnant energy, fear, forgiveness, guilt, jealousy, relationships.
    • Spiritual: Divine love/connection/guidance, positive energy, spiritual love, unconditional love, romance.


    • Physical: Anemia, combats night terrors/nightmares, combats fever, heart health, blood pressure regulation, supports reproductive organs, infertility, bone disorders and health, skin infections & irritations, brain disorders & health, intestinal support, self-healing.
    • Emotional: Happiness, self-confidence & self-worth, stabilizing, inspiration, courage, trust, passion, balance, strength, love & relationships, joy, truth, stress & anxiety relief, altruism, trust. 
    • Spiritual: Abundance, aura strengthening, reduces/dispel/release negative energy, sexual abuse support & healing, rejuvenation, lucid dreaming, creativity, protection, insight, determination, resolution. 

    Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite)

    • Physical: Anemia, bleeding, blood disorders & pressure regulation, healing, fever, brain health, bone health, heart, infertility, menopause, reproductive organs, urinary tract health, kidney health, intestinal health, vitality, nightmares & night terrors.
    • Emotional: Courage, release negativity, let go of the past, stability, happiness, inspiration, joy, passion, trust, appreciation, self-confidence & self-worth.
    • Spiritual: Abundance, aura strengthening, divine love, enhance connection between heart & brain.

    Ruby-Sapphire (Corundum) 

    • Physical: Anemia, combats night terrors/nightmares, combats fever, heart health, blood pressure regulation, supports reproductive organs, infertility, bone disorders and health, skin infections & irritations, brain disorders & health, intestinal support,  healing & self-healing, strength, combats blood disorders, eye disorders & infections, insomnia support, vertigo, nausea, communication & expression.
    • Emotional: Happiness, self-confidence & self-worth, stabilizing, inspiration, courage, trust, passion, balance, strength, joy, anxiety relief, altruism, eases depression, reduces stress & tension, express emotions & passion, integrity & truth stone, supports love & relationships.
    • Spiritual: Abundance, aura strengthening, reduces/dispel/release negative energy, sexual abuse support & healing, rejuvenation, lucid dreaming, creativity, insight, determination, resolution, divine connection, angel connection & communication, astral projection & traveling, channeling, enhances psychic abilities, wisdom, prosperity, protection, manifestation.


    • Physical: Healing & self-healing, strength, combats blood disorders, eye disorders & infections, insomnia support, vertigo, nausea, communication & expression.
    • Emotional: Anxiety support, eases depression, reduces stress & tension, express emotions & passion, integrity & truth stone, supports love & relationships.
    • Spiritual: Divine connection, angel connection & communication, astral projection & traveling, channeling, enhances psychic abilities, wisdom, prosperity, protection, manifestation, creativity.


    • Physical: Back pain & problems, bone health & disorders, cancer, health & healing, epilepsy, muscular/skeletal, sleep support, infection, psoriasis, infection, tumors & growths, ulcers.
    • Emotional: Positive energy, harmony, honesty, reduce stress & tension, self-confidence & self-worth, chaos control.
    • Spiritual: Protection, aura cleansing, angel connection & communication, Christ consciousness, white light,  connection with higher-self & higher-realms, enhances dreams, healing, enhances psychic abilities, increases intuition, meditation support, raise vibrations, release & dispel negativity, release unwanted entities.

    Serpentine (Lemon Jade)

    • Physical: Immune system strength & support, chronic fatigue, health & healing, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, lungs, cleansing & detox, cellular regeneration, releases blockages, stomach issues, vitality.
    • Emotional: Anger diffusion/release, healing, reduces irritability, fear release, help adapting to change, peace, joy. 
    • Spiritual: Clears all Chakras, enhances psychic abilities, healing, ancient knowledge & wisdom, angelic guidance.

    Smoky Quartz

    • Physical: Body balance, leg & foot problems, cancer, protection from radiation, headache & migraine relief, infertility, kidney health, menstrual cramps, pain relief, pancreas health, skin infections & irritations, tumors/growths.
    • Emotional: Grounding, relieves stress, fear & jealousy, eases depression, mood elevation, provides calmness, overcoming negativity.
    • Spiritual: Relaxation, organization, grounding, aura cleansing, clears electromagnetic frequencies/smog/pollution, psychic protection.

    Snow Quartz

    • Physical: Bone health & disorders, bone marrow health, dental discomfort, breast health & lactating, menopause, nutrient absorption, immune system support, sunburn, strength & stamina. 
    • Emotional: Joy, peace & peacefulness, discretion, patience, discernment, healing, calming, aids in controlling emotional overflow/outbursts.
    • Spiritual: Good luck, abundance & prosperity, wonder, clarity, intuition, balance yin/yang energy, purification, higher-self connection, spirit-guide connection.

    Snowflake Obsidian                                   

    • Physical: Body balance, abdominal issue support, digestion & digestive system health, hearing issues, combats ear infections & pain, skeletal system support, skin infections & irritations, gentle self-expression.
    • Emotional: Calming, soothing, combats loneliness, peace & peacefulness, draws emotion to the surface for examination, dispels fear & past trauma.
    • Spiritual: Intuition, protection, increases sensitivity to energy, release & dispel negativity, grounding, clairaudience, meditation, transformation, protection during psychic work, angel communication & connection, higher realm connection.


    • Physical: Autism, blood disorders & pressure regulation, brain disorders & health, liver cleansing, disorders, & health, insomnia, chemotherapy, radiation, lymphatic system, thyroid health, travel sickness, tonsillitis, pain relief, immune system support.
    • Emotional: Self-confidence & self-worth, balance, overactive mind, verbalization of feelings, release tension & fears, inner peace.
    • Spiritual: Intuition, enhance psychic abilities, clarity, perception, connection with angel energy, sixth sense, enlightenment.

    Strawberry Quartz 

    • Physical: Heart issues, lower back pain relief, abdomen pain issues, strengthens chest & heart muscles, blood purification, immune system support, reproductive system support, libido support.
    • Emotional: Universal love, patience, gratitude, trust, inner-peace & peacefulness, calming & tranquil, generosity, balance, 
    • Spiritual: Energy balance, good luck & fortune, positive energy, grounding, aura healing, dream interpretation & recall, astral projection & traveling, uncovers hidden talents, divine guidance, awakens spiritual gifts & senses, motivation, wisdom.


    • Physical: Liver health, kidney health, stomach issues, digestive problems, throat, foot problems, strength.
    • Emotional: Harmony, happiness, joy for life, optimism, health luck, lifts depression, boost enthusiasm.
    • Spiritual: Aura cleansing, good luck, manifesting creative desires, sun & light energy, soul improvement, leadership, releases hidden power.

    Tanzanite Quartz

    • Physical: Masculine/Feminine balance, ADHD, regulates pituitary, hypothalamus, & pineal glands, metabolic & hormonal balance, head & neck issues, vision, memory, epilepsy, post-stroke brain damage support. 
    • Emotional: Dispel or release negativity, stress reduction, removes blockages, unconditional love, depression support.
    • Spiritual: Energetic & psychic protection, vivid dreaming, dream recall, astral travel, Divine connection, self-confidence & self-worth, connection with spirit guide, visualization, Christ consciousness, visions, meditation, comfort.

    Tiger Eye

    Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk's Eye)

    • Physical: Metabolism balance, aids eye infections & disorders, enhances focus, combats fatigue, mental clarity, aids libido/sex-drive, helps with public speaking, strength, animal healing.
    • Emotional: Eases depression, calming, aids communication & expression, helps release stress & tension, balance, honesty, dignity, courage, assists in letting go.
    • Spiritual: Enhances psychic abilities, insight & intuition, gives clarity, grounding & protection, opens aura, promotes willpower & personal power, good luck, prosperity.

    Golden Tiger Eye

    • Physical: Balancing problems, bone health, eye health, fatigue, hemophilia, mental diseases, throat healing.
    • Emotional: Abundance, creativity, coping with change, depression support, prosperity, self-confidence & self-worth.
    • Spiritual: Protection, balance, enhances psychic ability, grounding.

    Red Tiger Eye

    • Physical: Blood disorders, anemia, eye disorders, night vision, sexual dysfunction, sex drive, vitality.
    • Emotional: Calming, passion, enthusiasm, motivation, self-confidence & self-worth.
    • Spiritual: Clarity, prosperity, unconditional love.

    Tree Agate 

    • Physical: Stamina, strength, mental clarity, nerve & blood capillary ailment support, neuralgia, immune system support, encourages lactation, nervous system support, heart health, cardiac/chest strength, back pain relief, combats fevers, headache relief, insomnia support, digestive system support.
    • Emotional: Peace & peacefulness, strength, combats arrogance & egoism, balance & stability, strengthens family connections, combats postpartum depression, eases emotional pain, relationship support, kindness, forgiveness, overcome negativity.
    • Spiritual: Personal power, strength, meditation, Earth energy, plentitude, financial & business luck, self-confidence.

    Tourmalinated Quartz

    • Physical: Nervous system healing & regeneration, immune system support, pain relief, dyslexia, arthritis, master healer, circulatory support, detoxification.
    • Emotional: Eases depression, dispels fear, emotional balance of yin/yang, emotional strength, alleviates self-sabotage, counteracts hyper-sensitivity.
    • Spiritual: Clears chakras, cleanses aura, highly protective, reduces negativity, balances the masculine & feminine, amplifies energies & vibrations while simultaneously cleansing & grounding.


    • Physical: Immune system support, low blood-pressure support, anemia, combats indigestion, gout, cancer, hearing issues, muscular/skeletal issues, abrasion & wound healing, lymphatic system support, aids sense of smell/taste, tonsillitis, left/right side brain balance, aids hand-eye coordination.
    • Emotional: Peace & peacefulness, coping with grief, dealing with emotional abuse, happiness, harmony, kindness, stabilizing.
    • Spiritual: Aura cleansing, diminishes fear, promotes self-confidence & self-understanding, combats paranoia, inspiration, releases tension, removes blockages, enhances energy, balances masculine/feminine energies.


    • Physical: Breathing problems, eye disorders, headache & migraine relief, healing, muscle issues, nightmares, pain relief, clear communication.
    • Emotional: Empathy, kindness, confidence, peacefulness, friendship, releasing old behaviors.
    • Spiritual: Protection, clarity, healing, serenity, good fortune, wisdom, ancestral connection, connection to spirit guide.


    • Physical: Tissue health & healing (skin/hair), weight management/helps avoid overeating, heart health, cold & flu, reproductive system, infertility, healthy pregnancy, 
    • Emotional: Patience, perseverance, healing, motivation, increases determination, resilience, balance, kindness, alleviates feelings of being overwhelmed.
    • Spiritual: Will, intuition, meditation support, mindfulness, balance, sight beyond sight, thoughtfulness, calming, protection against electromagnetic energy.

    Venus Jasper

    • Physical: Healing, vitality, strength, release disease, detoxifying, immune system support, treats skin disorders, stamina, promotes beauty, libido support, improves night vision, supports purifying organs, supports injury recovery.
    • Emotional: Stability, love, calming, stability, security, nurturing, generosity, balance, emotionally supportive, compassion, patience, combats insecurity.
    • Spiritual: Grounding, protection, positivity, self-confidence & self-worth, Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) protection, inner harmony.


    • Physical: Fertility, reproductive system support, strength, combat dizziness & vertigo, respiratory & circulatory system support, blood cleansing & purifying, detoxification, vitality, allergy relief, headache & migraine support, diabetes.
    • Emotional: Honesty, stability, balance, healing, consistency, peacefulness, courage, confidence, joy.
    • Spiritual: Reliability, harmonizes past & present as to not affect future, wisdom, meditation, brings understanding, ancient knowledge, fortitude.


    • Physical: General health, dental problems (strengthens enamel), veins, ovarian disorders or cysts, skin infections & irritations, abdominal problems, digestion, high blood-pressure, anemia, blood circulation, heart disease, strengthens legs & feet, increases senses of taste & smell.
    • Emotional: Calming, soothing, consolation, stability, eases stress, depression relief, release toxic patterns and people, reduces anger & negativity, courage to be open to love.
    • Spiritual: Reduces negative energy, enhances clairaudience, connect with higher realms, enhances intuition.

    Watermelon Tourmaline 

    • Physical: Hormonal balance, immune system support, heart disorders, metabolism boost, pain relief, tension relief, energy boost, hand-eye coordination, dyslexia support, muscle & nerve regeneration, arthritis support.
    • Emotional: Anxiety support, joy, love, harmony, balance, peace & peacefulness, combats insecurity,  stress relief, compassion, sympathy, empathy, dispels negative emotions, depression support, combats hysteria/paranoia, dispels fear, confidence boost.
    • Spiritual: Connection with higher source, clears heart chakra blockages, amplifies strengths, balance male/female energy, creativity, protection, earth & nature connection, meditation, enhances psychic abilities, prosperity & abundance.

    Yellow Jade (Butter Quartz)

    • Physical: Energy, aids digestion, mind energy, metabolism support, body detox, abdominal issue support, circulatory problems, skin infections & irritations.
    • Emotional: Joy, soothes anxiety. clarity.
    • Spiritual: Good luck, good fortune, success, wealth, rapid growth, blessings, better decisions with reduced failure, wisdom, amulet for longer life & peaceful death, protection from enemies, protection on long journeys, positively affect dream content, self-confidence & self-worth.

    Yellow Turquoise (Serpentine/Hematite) 

    • Physical: Communication, healing, eases past trauma, detoxification & purification, immune system support, combats digestion & stomach issues.