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Iolite & Tanzanite Quartz Anklet

Iolite & Tanzanite Quartz Anklet

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**For Bracelets ONLY: Be sure to accurately determine your wrist measurement (add at least 1/2" to actual wrist size for any bracelets) and choose that bracelet size before adding it to your cart. Please see "How To Properly Measure Your Wrist" in the Pages menu below.


  • Physical: Alcoholism, addictions, fatigue, chronic fatigue, improves memory, liver health & disorders, detoxification, regulates digestion, enhances hair & nail growth, cramps, thyroid health, muscular/skeletal, sleep support, helps with nerves & numbness.
  • Emotional: Coping with change, discernment, overcoming emotional abuse, combats fear of the unknown, calming, positivity, harmony.
  • Spiritual: Energy balancing, enhances intuition, enhances psychic abilities, meditation, visualization, helps express true-self, promotes peaceful spiritual journey. 

Tanzanite Quartz

  • Physical: Masculine/Feminine balance, ADHD, regulates pituitary, hypothalamus, & pineal glands, metabolic & hormonal balance, head & neck issues, vision, memory, epilepsy, post-stroke brain damage support. 
  • Emotional: Dispel or release negativity, stress reduction, removes blockages, unconditional love, depression support.
  • Spiritual: Energetic & psychic protection, vivid dreaming, dream recall, astral travel, Divine connection, self-confidence & self-worth, connection with spirit guide, visualization, Christ consciousness, visions, meditation, comfort.