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M. Jracarys: Dragon's Vein Agate & Fire Agate Bracelet

M. Jracarys: Dragon's Vein Agate & Fire Agate Bracelet

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A redesign of a popular bracelet from M. Joseph's past. Harness the confidence, strength & vitality of mythical dragons with this unique and powerful crystal bracelet.

Dragon's Vein Agate 8mm beads

  • Physical: Energy, strength, memory, aids concentration, stamina, intestinal issues, blood issues, lymphatic system support, intelligence. 
  • Emotional: Self-confidence and self-worth, honesty, relationship support.
  • Spiritual: Blooms hidden talents, promotes finding a good partner to love, good luck, heightens creativity & visualization, manifestation, aids in pursuing one's fate.

Lava Stone 8mm beads

  • Physical: Strength, communication, enhances fertility, combats foot/feet issues, boosts energy, sexual organ health & wellness, protection from toxins, stimulates the mind.
  • Emotional: Calming, patience, stress relief, anxiety relief, emotional understanding, courage, balance, dispels anger.
  • Spiritual: Creativity, opportunities, protection, grounding, wisdom, expansion, enlightenment, motivation, cleansing negativity, dream work, new beginnings, relieves home-sickness, promotes intuition.

Fire Agate 10mm bead

  • Physical: Increases metabolism, vitality, combat fever & hot-flashes, digestion, central nervous system, circulatory issues, overcome sexual dysfunction, eye disorders & night vision. 
  • Emotional: Courage, overcome shyness, promotes calmness, passion, joy, protection, supports ambition & willpower.
  • Spiritual: Reduces negative energy, protection, inspiring, safety, repels emotional & psychic "vampires", promotes independent thinking.